LawnMo lawnmowers have exclusive technology, reliable features and details that make a difference.
At LawnMo, innovation isn’t just a buzzword. Innovation is the driving force behind every product we engineer. We take mowing your lawn as seriously as you do, which is why we have developed unique technologies and features you just can’t find on any other mower.
We carry an extensive selection of lawn mowers from nationally known brands such as Toro, Ariens, Lawn Boy, Ryobi, Honda and Murray. Many models have features such as multi-blade cutting systems, variable self-propelled speeds and electric start systems.
Should you need a part for your existing mower, you can find quality lawn mower parts for many brands on our website.
There are many features to think about when choosing a lawnmower, but start by thinking about size. A general rule of thumb is that the bigger your lawn, the bigger your mower should be.
Think of a tennis court. If your lawn’s about that size, it’s considered a medium-sized lawn. If it’s about half that size, it’s considered to be a small lawn. Any larger and it’s a large lawn. Once you’ve got an idea of size, you can start to consider what type to choose.

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